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Revisiting Papa’s Past: What to do in Hemingway’s Cuba

The letters, books, and records scattered throughout Finca Vigia are a snapshot in time, a picture of Lookout Farm as it was during the years Ernest Hemingway made his home here from 1939-1960. This was where he penned seven of his most famous novels, including The Old Man and the Sea and A Moveable Feast, and where he would pass his evenings listening to Gershwin tunes while sipping scotch.

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Rocky Mountain Canada: Top 5 Things to Do in Yoho National Park

Just west of Edmonton, the Canadian National Parks of Banff, Jasper, and Yoho combine to form 300 miles of the Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site. While you’ve no doubt heard of the first two, Yoho may just be one of the best-kept natural secrets of North America. With rugged peaks and alpine meadows, dramatic waterfalls and turquoise colored cold-water lakes, the smallest park of the trio is virtually unknown, and as such, features draw-dropping landscapes with very few crowds to contend with.

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Irish Insider: A Traveler’s Tips for Visiting Ireland

From grand castles and sprawling country fields, to busting cities and turn-of-the-century pubs Ireland is a feast for the senses. Imagine sheer cliffs plunging into churning seas and endless green vistas where there are more sheep than people. This is the picture-postcard landscape that first welcomed John and Rosella Valentine on a recent YMT Vacations journey. Just returned, Rosella had this to share about the country, her experiences and the travel tips she picked up along the way:

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Holiday on the Danube: Visiting Europe’s Favorite Christmas Markets

On the first Sunday of Advent the candles begin to flicker in the twilight as chestnuts roast over barrels that hug the bustling street corners. This is Christkindlmarkt, a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages throughout German-speaking countries and many parts of the former Holy Roman Empire. While the markets are open every day until Christmas Eve, they come alive in the evenings when neighbors gather together and children giggle with the joy of the season. There are sweet treats and carousels, angelic choirs and handmade ornaments -- all underneath strands of twinkling lights and a blanket of soft fallen show. Here are three of our favorite market towns and some hints on how to make this yuletide festival unforgettable:

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Roaming the Eternal City: Tips for Getting Around Rome

With cobblestone streets and bustling crowds, exploring Rome by foot can be a bit tricky. Not only is this a major metropolitan area, but it also has a number of heavily trafficked roads crisscrossing the city. When possible, see Rome on foot, especially if you are in the tourist areas where many sites of interest are clustered together. When exploring other parts of urban Rome, consider these helpful travel tips:

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Why is the sand pink?...And other facts about Bermuda’s beaches

You’ve undoubtedly heard about Bermuda’s legendary pink-sand beaches. But do you know how they get this unusual hue? It’s caused by tiny red organisms that grow beneath the coral reefs just off the shore. When they die and fall to the ocean floor, the organisms mingle with bits of coral and crushed shell that are washed onto the beach and make the sand appear an otherworldly shade of pink. Here are some other facts about the picture-postcard beaches of the Bermuda Island:

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America’s Favorite Drives: Tips for Carmel’s 17-Mile Loop

Skirting the cliffs along the Monterey Peninsula is a 17-mile drive that offers some of the most spectacular views of the California coast. The winding loop snakes its way past exclusive neighborhoods and rugged stretches of beach, forests of wind-swept cypress trees, and the famed Pebble Beach. Here are our suggestions of what to expect on this bucket-list drive through the postcard-worthy setting of Carmel, California:

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Grand Turk Gets A Salty: Exploring the Salt Pans

If you’ve ever been to Grand Turk you’ve no doubt seen the large stone-ringed ponds that dot the middle of the island. Now large nesting habitats for brilliantly colored flamingos and other birds, the ponds are actually centuries-old salinas. Left over from the salt industry, which once dominated Grand Turk and Salt Cay, these abandoned sites were the island's main economic source for 300 years.

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Eating Your Way Around Naples: 7 Foods To Try

Naples is a city for the senses: a cacophony of sights and sounds where old women argue over lines dripping with the day’s wash as small boys kick soccer balls in the street. There is a funicular that climbs to an imposing fortress for heart-pounding views and paintings considered so scandalous the church once kept them under lock and key. But the most tempting of all its pleasures are the Neapolitan tastes that have remained unchanged since the city’s nonnas first plopped them onto the supper table centuries ago. Here are our top 7 dishes to try while you’re in Naples, Italy:

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What Every Hot Air Balloon Novice Should Know

If it’s your first time ballooning, here are some tips to help you take to the skies and make the most of your maiden flight:

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