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How to Spend One Day in San Francisco

There is plenty to see if you only have one day in San Francisco. It’s the beautiful, vibrant, sophisticated jewel of the California coast. Stellar views of the ocean, famous art and architecture, and an intriguing culture lure millions of tourists to the city every year. Read our expert advice for the best way to spend24 hours in San Francisco.

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How to Pack Clothing So It Stays Wrinkle-Free

Few things are as frustrating as unpacking your suitcase to find a wrinkled set of clothes. The friction created in such a tight space causes these wrinkles, meaning your wardrobe and your suitcase aren’t always the best combination.

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22 of the Best Places to Visit in Europe in 2022

European travel is expected to come back in a big way in 2022. There is so much to see across the 44 countries that make up Europe that it can be a little overwhelming deciding where to start. Do you want to see history? Drink good wine? Watch the sunrise over a famous skyline? No matter your travel dreams, there is a European destination for you. Here are 22 of our favorites for 2022.

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12 Best Places to Visit in USA in 2022

America’s vast and hugely diverse landscape is ripe for discovery in 2022. The United States covers almost 4 million square miles, each one special in its own way. You could spend your whole life exploring this country and still have more to see. The best places to visit in the U.S. range from bustling cities to the blissful quiet of the deep wilderness. From Alaska to Hawaii, from the West Coast to the East Coast, get inspired to find your dream vacation without even needing a passport.

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What are the Current Airline Mask Requirements?

Travelers taking to the skies during the COVID-19 pandemic should be aware of current mask mandates. The TSA and CDC are in charge of the rules and regulations for airports, airlines, and passengers. Their basic rule is that all travelers over the age of 2, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a mask when in an airport or on a plane. These regulations will be in place until at least March 18, 2022. Here are a few more specifics you might like to know.

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What is the Best Time to Visit Hawaii?

Hawaii’s warm year-round weather and tropical climate are parts of what make it such a popular vacation destination. Visitors can enjoy lush rainforests, thundering waterfalls, and sunny beaches every month of the year. However, depending on what you’re looking to do, you might prefer to book during certain months.

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How to Choose Where to Go On Your Next Vacation

Having trouble deciding where to go on your next vacation? With so many great options, we understand how difficult it can be to choose!

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Best Places to Visit in Ireland

Lovingly called the "Emerald Isle," Ireland is known for its stunning scenery, friendly people, cultural music and fascinating history. It offers visitors plenty of things to do. Gorgeous landscapes featuring rolling greenery and rugged mountains, as well as breathtaking coastlines, are a huge part of what draws many people to Ireland, so a camera is essential. But it also offers a fantastic variety of unique attractions and cities with distinct cultural experiences that keep tourists entertained and intrigued.

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Tips For Exploring Canyonlands National Park

At the Confluence of Canyonlands National Park, the Green and Colorado Rivers collide. From more than 2,000 feet above on a high desert mesa, visitors can view the scene from an Island in the Sky. This vast and rugged outback contains some of the most untamed landscapes in the country, 527-square miles of towering spires and sweeping arches, wandering canyons, and other-worldly vistas. Carved by the rivers and the passing of time, Canyonlands is truly one of America’s greatest national treasures and, in our opinion, should be included on any national parks travel bucket list.

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Your Guide To Tipping When Traveling Abroad

Guided tours make visiting new countries easy and convenient. Your tour company will take care of booking everything from transportation, hotels, and meals.

But there will likely be occasions where you go out with your new travel friends to have dinner or plan an excursion independently. During those times, tipping is a great way to show appreciation for the various services you experience abroad–but expectations differ across continents and may even differ among countries in the same region. We’ve compiled general guidelines on how to tip when traveling to various destinations below.

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