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How to Prep for Your Flight If You’re Worried About Running Late

Before your vacation can begin, you must first catch your flight. While that sounds simple, making it to the airport on time and navigating the terminal is easier said than done. You may have several questions: Can I check in for my flight online? How late can I check in for my flight? What happens if I miss my flight?

You must check in for domestic flights 60 minutes before boarding time. For international flights, you must check in 90 minutes beforehand. To avoid running late for your flight, take the following precautions to keep your travel plans as seamless as possible.

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Top 4 European Rivers to Experience on a River Cruise

A river cruise is one of the best ways to see a lot of Europe’s most stunning scenery on one easy and fun trip. Much like an ocean cruise, you get the benefit of living aboard a comfortable floating hotel. All your needs are taken care of on the water, and you get to enjoy port stops at the most iconic destinations along your route.

European river cruises enable you to get the most out of your time in Europe. They take travelers from great city to great city, past lush countryside, towering castles, ancient villages, and climbing vineyards. You will be able to see countless landmarks in style and comfort. River cruising is an exceptional way to travel.

Four of the best rivers to cruise in Europe are the Danube, the Rhone, the Rhine, and the Douro. Learn about these rivers, including what you can see as you cruise down them with YMT Vacations.

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Travel Trivia Quiz with YMT Vacations

Put your travel trivia knowledge to the test with this fun, interactive quiz!

Our world is full of landscapes, creatures, and vistas just waiting to be experienced. Delve into the quiz and discover facts about places near and far — and maybe even get inspired to plan your next global getaway!

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Top 7 Sights to See at Flume Gorge

Tucked within the White Mountains of New Hampshire lies Flume Gorge, an 800-foot ravine with massive granite walls that extend up to 90 feet high. It cuts a deep fissure through the serene wooded landscape and was first discovered in 1808 by 93-year-old “Aunt” Jess Guernsey on a fishing trip. Not only is Flume Gorge one of the most beautiful gorges in New Hampshire, it’s also considered one of America’s most beautiful State Parks.

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Tips on Exchange Rates & International Currency

Travel savings of any kind are always worth getting excited over, so we’re here with an easy-to-understand introduction to the dos and don’ts of international currency to save you time, money, and stress.

From where to exchange currency to using a credit card overseas, our five tips will help you feel confident traveling with cards and cash long before you arrive in your destination.

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The Grand Vacation: Tips for Visiting the Grand Canyon

You’re finally doing it — taking that once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to America’s grandest park. The Grand Canyon is one of the seven wonders of the world and at the top of many people’s bucket lists. With millions of visitors every year, the iconic Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most visited national parks in the United States. Whether you’re peering over the canyon’s edge or watching the sun creep over its rim, seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time is something you will never forget.

Here are our expert tips for visiting the Grand Canyon:

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10 Travel Myths Debunked

Planning a vacation is many people’s favorite part of travel. Unfortunately, it can oftentimes be met with long-standing travel myths that can dim the excitement of an upcoming adventure. Instead of building anticipation, these misconceptions can add unnecessary stress that can get in the way of preparing for a great vacation. We are here to debunk 10 common travel myths so you can confidently plan the next trip of your dreams.

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8 Machu Picchu Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Since its “rediscovery” in 1911, the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu have fascinated archaeologists, historians, engineers, and travelers all over the world. The vast complex was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983, and in 2007, it became one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.

If you’re one of the over one million people who will experience a Machu Picchu tour this year, we’ve gathered 8 facts about Machu Picchu that will spark your curiosity about this captivating and beloved destination.

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Why You Should Consider a Cruise for Your First Trip to Hawaii

Hawaii makes us think of sun-drenched beaches, swaying palm trees, lush forests, and the “aloha” spirit. From whale watching on Maui’s signature Kaanapali Beach to visiting Pearl Harbor on Oahu, Hawaii offers everything you could want in a tropical getaway. To make traveling between its islands easier, many opt for a Hawaii island cruise. Here is why you should consider it too.

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Visiting Pompeii: Top Sights to See

When Mount Vesuvius exploded in a shower of fire and lava, it buried the city of Pompeii under 20 feet of ash and pumice. The town, its artifacts, and even its people laid entombed and lost to the world for over 1,700 years.

When the ruins of Pompeii were discovered and unearthed in the mid-16th century, most of the city remained intact, which spoke to how quickly the disaster occurred. Explorers found evidence of an ordinary life unexpectedly interrupted: inhabitants in lifelike poses, petrified bread still in ovens, and dogs chained beside their masters. The violent eruption of Mount Vesuvius caught thousands of inhabitants by complete surprise, but what remains of the ruins of Pompeii today?

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