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Italian Sayings and Phrases to Know

Ciao! Without even realizing it, you’ve probably long known at least one Italian word—hello. Italy is a bucket-list destination for many travel lovers, and it is easy to see why.

Boasting an enviable mixture of cosmopolitan cities and small villages, history and art, food and wine; Italy—with its sun-drenched piazzas and Tuscan hills—is one of the most popular places to visit in the world.

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10 Native Australian Animals

Many of Australia’s most famous animals could certainly be considered “quirky.” Their unique adaptations make them perfect for surviving on the isolated land mass, and the opportunity to see them in person is well worth the long flight.

The giant jumping kangaroo, the cantankerous Tasmanian devil, and the monstrous saltwater crocodile are just a few of the fascinating creatures to look for in the Land Down Under. Whether at the zoo or in the wild, keep your eyes peeled for these ten exotic animals on your Australian adventure.

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Unusual European Traditions You May Have Never Heard Of Before

Traveling to new destinations around the world is a brilliant way to learn about new cultures and traditions. Think about your family or community and the traditions that help make them unique and special. Would your traditions seem strange to others?

As you traverse the globe, you will encounter traditions that may seem strange to you, but they are exactly what makes traveling such an adventure.

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What’s an Optional Tour?

Guided tours, cruises, and most packaged vacations offer optional tours in addition to included activities. An optional tour, which can also be called an optional activity or optional excursion, is an extra special experience not included in the base price of your vacation.

They are enhancements, experiences, dining or events that can be booked a la carte at your discretion. They are the cherry on the sundae, the final flourish of a great work of art, the personally significant moments that turn a great vacation into the best trip of your life.

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Things to Do While Traveling Through Ring of Kerry, Ireland

Driving the Ring of Kerry is as essential to an Irish vacation as enjoying a pint of Guinness down the pub. This 111-mile loop winds its way through much of the Emerald Isle’s best coastal scenery.

It meanders through Country Kerry’s the Iveragh Peninsula in Ireland’s rugged southwest. You will drive past lakes, castles, tiny villages, and ancient ruins—highlighting the brilliance of the tiny island in technicolor green. 

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Paradise Found: Vacationing in Waikiki, Hawaii

Visiting Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach is like stepping onto a movie set. Bronzed surfers maneuver their longboards over rolling waves, as children race to build castles in the sand before rising tides carry them away.

Couples attempt the hula while beachgoers relax and soak in the invigorating Hawaiin sun. Waikiki Beach is indeed the iconic beach of your dreams and the ideal getaway that lives up to its reputation as a world-class destination

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Best National Parks to Visit During the Summer

Visiting a national park can be a completely different experience from season to season. Each time of the year brings its own challenges and new adventures with it. With warmer temperatures, longer daylight hours, and plentiful sunshine, summer is the perfect season to visit many national parks. Be sure to keep these tips in mind.

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Tips for Going to Alaska For the First Time

A trip to Alaska is a bucket list trip—traveling to the 49th state is a dream come true for many of our guests—but it can also be overwhelming.

If this is your first time to Alaska, here are some things to keep in mind to make the most of your time in the Frontier State.

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4 Most Popular Wine Regions In Europe

Some people say that wine in Europe is equivalent to water in America. Wine is a distinct part of European. In fact, it predates ancient Rome and Greece.

During your European travels, you will not only experience how art, history, and the sciences have influenced various regions of a country, but also observe first-hand how wine acts as an important part of life there. 

Studies tout the benefits of wine in moderation. It has been shown that wine contains antioxidants, promotes longevity, and reduces the risks of certain diseases. What great reasons to raise a glass!

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8 Reasons Why Travel Insurance is a Must Before a Trip

Purchasing travel insurance is a great way to protect yourself from unexpected problems before or during a vacation. It’s a relatively low cost, hassle-free expense that we highly recommend you build into your budget.

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