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25 French Phrases Every Traveler Should Know

Posted by YMT Vacations on Jun 28, 2018 9:01:00 AM


While most people in France know English, the French appreciate attempts to speak their language—especially in Paris. To be polite, and since there are no guarantees that every business has English-speaking employees, it’s best to know a few key words before you go to the “City of Light.” Here are some of the most important French phrases every traveler should know:

  1. S’il vous plaît—Hello, please...  
  2. Je cherche...—I’m looking for...  
  3. Je veux...—I want... 
  4. Un hôtel—A hotel  
  5. Une chambre—A room  
  6. Manger—To eat   
  7. Payer—To pay  
  8. Acheter—To buy    
  9. Petit-déjeuner—Breakfast  
  10. Diner—Dinner     
  11. De l’eau—Some water  
  12. La toilette—The washroom, toilet.
  13. Oui / Non—Yes/No
  14. Parlez-vous anglais?—Do you speak English?   
  15. Prix—Price    
  16. Carte de crédit—Credit card  
  17. Ou est...?—Where is...?
  18. Une banque—A bank  
  19. Des magasins—Shops  
  20. La gare—The train station  
  21. L’aeroport—The airport  
  22. Combien ça coûte?—How much does it cost?
  23. Non, merci. Je regarde pour l’instant.—No thank you. I’m just looking for now.
  24. Merci beaucoup !—Thank you very much!
  25. Au revoir—Goodbye

You can practice your French on a number of land and cruise itineraries from YMT Vacations. These group travel experiences take you into the heart of France—from Provence to Paris to the shores of Normandy. To join one of our upcoming journeys, call you travel consultant or 1-888-756-9072.

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