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Tips To Determine How Much To Pack For Your Trip

Posted by YMT Vacations on Aug 27, 2019 8:47:00 AM


What to pack for trips varies based on multiple factors. Items you pack for your summer vacation in July will differ for a winter getaway in December. Deciding how much to pack comes down to your destination, the length of your trip, weather, and excursions.

How to Pack For Long Trips

YMT Vacations has several suggested packing lists based on different destinations, such as how to pack for trips to Europe. These lists will guide you in the right direction and take the headache out of determining what you should and should not pack for specific destinations.

How To Pack For Long Term Travel

Before you start adding items to your suitcase, here are more packing tips on how to pack for your long awaited vacation:

Pack Light

Even if you are planning to check a suitcase at the airport, pack your carry on bag as though it is the only bag you are taking on your trip. In the event your luggage gets lost on the way to your destination, you will have all the essential items needed to continue your vacation without feeling anxious.

Mix and Match

Instead of packing a completely different outfit for each day of your guided tour, select a color scheme for your attire. Pack several tops and bottoms with this scheme in order to mix and match throughout your trip. Three tops and three bottoms create nine outfits!

Choose Layers Instead of Bulk

When traveling to regions with cold weather or multiple climates, dress in layers. One bulky sweater will take up more space than a long-sleeved thermal top, a scarf, and a cashmere cardigan combined.

Wear Your Bulk

If you have several bulky items that you really want to use on your vacation, wear what you can on the plane in order to utilize the extra room for other clothes or toiletries that are a “must.”

Edit Your Luggage

After you have completely packed your bags the first time around, go through the process of repacking a few times. Try to omit items you don’t foresee yourself wearing more than once. You want to leave room in your suitcase to bring back mementos, after all!

Utilize Packing Cubes

Pack similar items in the same cube to keep your luggage organized. For example, pack tops and bottoms together to make selecting your outfit of the day easy. Keep shoes, belts, and shawls in the same cube to accessorize after you have chosen your core attire.

Pack Lightweight Shoes

Packing shoes for a summer vacation is fairly straightforward. You probably don’t need anything beyond a pair of sneakers and open-toed shoes. Winter vacations can get tricky, especially if you plan to participate in hikes because you will need a pair of boots. There are many weatherproof options on the market that are lightweight with rugged traction and comfortable cushioning.

Keep Your Clothes Fresh

If your trip is longer than one week, take a small bag of potpourri or laundry sheets to keep your clothes smelling pleasant. This is a more manageable solution versus over stuffing your suitcase with as much clothes as you can fit.

Everyone has his or her own version of the best way to pack for a vacation due to personal preference. It is a good idea to pack a week or more in advance of your departure date so you can remove or swap out clothes and toiletries as needed. Trust your instincts when it comes to the items that are “must haves” because they will make you feel more comfortable as you embark on your exciting YMT Vacations guided tour!

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