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5 Ways to Prevent Seasickness On a Cruise

Posted by YMT Vacations on Sep 17, 2019 8:45:00 AM


Don’t let the possibility of seasickness prevent you from booking the cruise of your dreams! Seasickness occurs when your brain receives conflicting signals from your senses. These mixed messages throw our bodies off balance and may result in dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

It is natural to worry about discomfort during your vacation. Luckily there are many motion sickness remedies to help combat that feeling. Here are 5 ways to reduce motion sickness on a cruise so you can enjoy your YMT vacation to the max:

1.   Use Medication

Many ships sell over-the-counter motion sickness medications such as Dramamine and Bonine. Start taking them a day before your actual departure, so they are already in your system when you board. If you have a condition that may interact with over-the-counter options, seek a doctor for medical advice before traveling. He or she will be able to prescribe an alternative that works well for you, or with other medications you are taking.

2.   Wear a Sea-Band

Worn like a bracelet, these bands push down lightly on acupressure points. This provides the body with a sense of balance. Sea-bands are a more natural way to prevent motion sickness.

3.   Pack a Form of Ginger

Ginger can help reduce the symptoms of motion sickness. Some studies suggest that ginger might ease abnormal gastric rhythms. Less abnormal gastric rhythms should translate to less nausea.

Get ginger in the form of a pill. Take it each morning of your cruise like you would with motion sickness pills. If you prefer a more appealing option, bring a bag of ginger candies or chewables. Whatever you choose, it should contain real ginger, not just ginger flavor. 

4.   Focus on the Horizon

If you experience motion sickness, you may want to stay in bed until the feeling passes, but force yourself to get outside. Fresh air can ease your symptoms! Once outside, find a spot on the horizon and focus on it. This will help trick your mind into feeling like your ship is on a stationary route.

5.   Pick Your Cruise and Route Wisely

If you are worried about feeling sick during a cruise, book an option that will minimize that possibility. For example, the size of the ship can make a difference. Larger ships, which are typically ones that can accommodate at least 2,000 passengers, will have less rocking than smaller vessels. When booking, choose a route through the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean, which are known to have calm waters.

Cruise vacations are a convenient, easy, and fun way to visit international locations. Once on the ship, you can hunker down, unpack your clothes, and take part in all the amenities, activities, and excursions you want. If you are still worried about motion sickness, try a combined land and cruise tour so you can experience a few days onboard. If the remedies above work, rest assured when booking longer options in the future – perhaps even a transatlantic cruise!

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