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Paradise Found: Vacationing in Waikiki, Hawaii

Posted by YMT Vacations on Mar 9, 2021 10:00:00 AM


Visiting Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach is like stepping onto a movie set. Bronzed surfers maneuver their longboards over rolling waves, as children race to build castles in the sand before rising tides carry them away.

Couples attempt the hula while beachgoers relax and soak in the invigorating Hawaiin sun. Waikiki Beach is indeed the iconic beach of your dreams and the ideal getaway that lives up to its reputation as a world-class destination

History of Waikiki Beach

The playground of the Pacific, Waikiki is picture-postcard perfect. It’s where pristine white-sandy beaches meet turquoise-colored water and fiery tropical sunsets set the iconic slopes of the Diamond Head Crater ablaze. Waikiki was the inspiration for Elvis and his Blue Hawaii, as well as the sounds of Harry Owens and his legendary band.

Originally a retreat for Hawaiian royalty in the 1800s, the elite would come to Waikiki Beach to surf on the earliest forms of longboards. The name Waikiki, meaning ‘sprouting fresh waters,’ was a tribute to the many springs and streams that gathered in the Ko’olau Mountains and drained into the fertile valley.

It was the site for an epic warrior battle and the seat of Kamehameha the Great, the founder and first ruler of Hawaii.

Things to Do in Waikiki Beach


Journey to Waikiki and Waikiki Beach where extraordinary opportunities to enjoy world-class dining, nightlife, and shopping await. Adjacent to Honolulu, there are so many things to do in Waikiki Beach.

Stroll along the main thoroughfare, Kalakaua Avenue, lined with boutique shops, restaurants, and hotels. Learn about the infamous attack on December 7, 1941 at the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. Here you can honor those who lost their life for their country and better understand their harrowing stories.


A visit to the nearby Hawaii Army Museum is highly recommended. Discover Hawaii’s fascinating military history which dates from ancient times to the Gulf War and the War in Iraq.

Visit Waikiki Aquarium, the second oldest aquarium in the United States dating to 1904. Marvel at the colorful tropical fish, giant clams, jellyfish, coral farms, and more.


Spend the afternoon soaking up the sun on Waikiki Beach. Or venture out into the waters of the Pacific. Now is the perfect time to try something new with surfing lessons from a local instructor. The calm waters off Waikiki offer first timers a great opportunity to ‘ride a wave.’ Catamaran and outrigger canoe rides are available, too.

As the day winds down, enjoy a leisurely walk along the beach or stop into an oceanfront bar for cocktail hour. There is no shortage of dining options, but a beachside restaurant certainly is the ideal way to cap off an unforgettable day in Waikiki. Aloha!

Find Your Paradise in Hawaii

Waikiki Beach stretches to the Kuhio Beach Basin where a bronze statue of the famous surfer, Duke Kahanamoku, welcomes you with outstretched arms beckoning you to paradise found in Hawaii.

Come explore this iconic playground for yourself and discover what awaits you with the dawn of each new day in paradise. Just don’t forget to throw a flower lei into the ocean before you leave -- it’s the surest way to guarantee you’ll return again! You can experience Waikiki and Hawaii’s other treasures on any of YMT Vacations’ Hawaiian getaways.

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