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8 Historical Sites of Egypt

Egypt’s culture and historical sites have held our attention and sparked our imagination for thousands of years. Its colorful myths, all-powerful pharaohs, burial rituals, and reverence for cats are irresistible to everyone from children to retirees. And nothing captures our interest more than the epic, iconic monuments that Egyptians erected over the course of its millennia in power.

Egypt is on many people’s bucket list. From pyramids to grand temples and lavish tombs, these are the must-see sites of this can’t miss destination.

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South African Animals

South African animals are some of the most iconic wildlife in the world. It’s home to nearly 300 mammal species, 450 reptile and amphibian species, and almost 850 different kinds of birds. This southernmost nation in Africa is a dream destination for animal lovers. South Africa is the best place in the world to the see legendary “Big 5” and countless other incredible animals.

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