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Is There a Real Southfork Ranch?

Glamorous magnets for drama, the impossibly wealthy Ewing family dominated television from the late 1970s through the early 1990s on the primetime tv series Dallas. Their constant scheming, backstabbing, cheating, and deception gripped viewers—350 million people around the world tuned in on November 21, 1980, to find out who shot J.R.—and one of the most popular characters was the opulent setting itself.

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Inside the Golden Nugget Las Vegas

The Golden Nugget is a staple of Downtown Las Vegas. Built in the 40s, it’s weathered all of Sin City’s ups and downs, witnessed its transformation from a seedy, sandy place for guests to jettison their morals, to its modern iteration as the family friendly entertainment capital of the world.

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Golden California: How the Gold Rush Began in Sutter's Mill

Sutter’s Mill sawmill is nestled in a peaceful valley in Coloma, California at the base of the Sierra foothills. Surrounded by ponderosa pines, on an average early morning in the late 1840s, all you’d hear would be the trilling of birds, the rush of the breeze, and the gentle roar of the American River winding its way through the property.

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All Aboard the Coast Starlight Train!

Feed your wanderlust and yearning for the elegance of travel from a more genteel era on a leisurely train trip up the breathtaking West Coast! You can enjoy comfortable accommodations, superb dining, and gracious service all while watching some of America’s most beautiful scenery slowly pass you by on the Coast Starlight.

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Unique Aspects of Hawaiian Culture

Visitors to Hawai'i get to enjoy its immense natural beauty, tropical climate, and endless opportunities for beachside relaxation. But guests are also granted a first-hand look at the vibrant culture that’s shaped these distant islands into one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. Since it is an American state, travelers may not feel that they need to prepare themselves for culture shock when visiting Hawaiʻi, but there are significant differences in daily life and customs. Get ready for a vacation to paradise by learning about these unique aspects of Hawaiʻi’s distinct culture:

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NASA Johnson Space Center: Houston’s Out of this World Destination


Houston, Texas, is home to two of planet earth’s finest treasures: authentic Texas barbecue, and NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

Space Center Houston is the visitor’s center of Johnson Space Center. Space Center Houston is open to visitors year-round, as are select areas within Johnson Space Center. Together, they are Houston’s most popular sightseeing destination.

Johnson Space Center is a massive 100 building complex covering 1,620 acres in the Clear Lake area of Houston. It was built during President John F. Kennedy’s administration, when getting to the moon was a matter of considerable national importance.

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Les Trois Tetons: Exploring Grand Teton National Park

When 19th century French fur trappers came upon the trio of jagged peaks that jutted into the sky above Jackson Hole in Northwestern Wyoming, they cheekily described them as “Les Trois Tétons,” or the three breasts—the tallest of which they bawdily called the “Grand Teton,” or… you can probably fill in the blanks. Despite the crude origins of its name, Grand Teton National Park is a place of stunning beauty and dramatic vistas. This remarkable park is a must for nature lovers and American history buffs.

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The History of Hearst Castle

Hollywood royalty and the political elite of the 1920s and 1930s would arrive at Hearst Castle via the estate’s airstrip, or aboard the private Hearst-owned railcar that regularly made the journey from Los Angeles to the sprawling oceanside estate in San Simeon, California. From Clark Gable to Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill to Charlie Chaplin, the politicians, movie stars, titans of industry, and other privileged guests of William Randolph Hearst were in awe of the jaw-dropping grandeur of the 90,000-square foot estate informally called “the ranch.”

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The Best Places to Travel With Your Mom

We have a lot to thank our mothers for. They’re the ones who carried us, who nurtured us, who showed us right from wrong, how to get over heartbreak, and the key to choosing the best watermelon (does it sound hollow when you tap it?). Our mothers are some of the most precious women in our lives, and Mother’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate them.

This year, why not rethink your Mother’s Day gift? Cooking classes and flowers are nice, but if you want to really treat your mom, don’t overlook the power of a well-planned experience. We have a list of options your mom is sure to love. These are the best places to travel with your mom—whether she wants to take a Bucket List European vacation, or to finally stand at the rim of the Grand Canyon, we have something for every style of traveler.

Not sure where to start? We can help you narrow down the kinds of trips your mom would like by determining her travel style. Here are eight of the most common styles we’ve seen, and the best affordable tours for each type!

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Top 7 Sights to See at Flume Gorge

Hidden deep in the White Mountains of New Hampshire lies a granite ravine extending 800 feet with walls soaring up to 90 feet high, cutting a deep fissure through the wooded landscape. First discovered in 1808 by 93-year-old “Aunt” Jess Guernsey on a fishing trip, it is considered to be one of America’s most beautiful State Parks.

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