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Getting to Know Cuban Culture

For a small country, Cuba has a lot of soul. Cuba's location at the crossroads of the Caribbean and the United States made it a key trade hub for centuries, blending together Spanish, African, French, Amerindian Taino, and English walks of life to create a distinct culture. If you want to learn more about modern Cuban life, Cuban cuisine, local art, music and dance, the most popular sport in Cuba, politics and economics, the culture of Cuba, or just what makes an authentic cup of Cuban coffee so special, read on!

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The Ballad of the Buicks: Why So Many American Classic Cars are in Cuba

Chevy Bel Airs and Ford Thunderbirds still rumble down the Malecón in Havana, Cuba; 1950s American classics with polished chrome bumpers and candy-apple red paint jobs. Like something from an old movie set, the relics motor along the city streets and seaside boulevards and, for a cost, you can take a ride or pose for a photo with a piece of automotive history. But just where did all these Studebakers and Nash Ramblers come from? Why are there so many? And what do they have to say about the Cuban Revolution?

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What to Do in Harvest Caye: Southern Belize’s Island Playground

From atop a 3,000-foot zipline course, you get a bird’s eye view of Harvest Caye, Norwegian Cruise Line’s private island in Southern Belize and a stop on the YMT Vacations New Orleans & Western Caribbean Cruise tour. Gathering your courage, you close your eyes and jump, falling through the sky in an experience that will forever top your personal bucket list..and that’s only the beginning. Besides tandem ziplining, free-fall jumps and soft-footed walks over dangling suspension bridges, Harvest Caye offers plenty of chances for adventure and just as many ways to relax.

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What Should I Know About a Transatlantic Cruise? Top 10 Tips for Crossing the Atlantic

There’s no denying the nostalgia of a grand ocean voyage but just what should you know about a Transatlantic Crossing? With days spent at sea and few ports of call, the focus of the trip is the onboard lifestyle where the joy is truly in the journey. To make the most of your sailing, here are the top tips for taking a Transatlantic Cruise:

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