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8 Things You Should Never Pack for Vacation

Chances are, you’ve gone on vacations in the past and asked yourself, “Why did I pack that? What was I thinking?” These questions are not uncommon when it comes to what to pack for vacation. While location, weather, and accommodations may dictate what goes into your suitcase, consider your own convenience as well – especially if your tour includes multiple locations. Here is a guide of 8 things you should never pack for vacation:

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7 Ways to Avoid Paying for Airline Baggage Fees

Finding affordable airfare these days can be a challenge, especially with many airlines charging additional fees for checked baggage. These fees can range from anywhere between $25 to $50 and are enough to leave the most excited travelers feeling blue since that money could go toward meals, excursions, and souvenirs while on vacation. If you are interested in keeping your travel costs down, here are seven ways to avoid paying these for airline baggage fees:

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