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Top 10 traditional Foods to Try in Greece

Greece is one of our most popular destinations for countless reasons. The warm weather, the friendly locals, the natural beauty, and absolutely fascinating history all attract their fair share of guests—but it’s the food that leaves the biggest impression. Greece is renowned for its fresh, flavorful cuisine—healthy and natural, Mediterranean food is a treat for your palette as well as nourishing for your body. Here are some of our favorite authentic Greek foods:

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Top 10 Things to Know When Traveling to Greece

Greece is a bucket list destination where the light is bright, the water is the purest blue and the food, well… don’t get me started. From the iconic Acropolis of Athens to the Caldera of Santorini, there’s plenty to experience—just imagine sipping cocktails at sunset in Mykonos or sailing the Cyclades islands, strung like a strand of pearls across the Aegean Sea. Here are some tips for how to best explore Greece.

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