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Maine: The Way Life Should Be

Maine changed its state slogan from Vacationland to “the way life should be.” Which is a lot more accurate. The 23rd state is known for its slower pace, open spaces, and spectacular scenery. Maine’s long coastline and thickly forested interior are ruggedly and expansively beautiful. Granite mountains look out over quaint towns, and Maine’s rocky shores are the first place in America to greet the sunrise.

People visit here, move here, and stay here because there’s room and opportunity to enjoy life. There’s no reason to rush. The seasons change when they change, the fish will bite when they’re ready, and Mainers move on Maine Time.

YMT’s Coastal Maine & Acadia tour is a relaxing, peaceful, delightful journey through America’s Easternmost state. A memorable mixture of tours, activities, and free time allows guests to experience Maine at its fullest.

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Set Sail With YMT: 2022 Cruising Update

Photo Credit: Daniel Hernandez

Cruise lovers have been dreaming of returning to sea, including YMT Tour Director Daniel Hernandez. Daniel is an avid cruiser who has led countless cruise tours over the course of his career. He was as enthusiastic as our guests to board Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Breakaway for a 7-day Caribbean Cruise—his first cruise in two years.

Daniel’s experience leading our New Orleans & Western Caribbean Cruise left him happy and enthusiastic for what’s to come. He observed a few changes and new protocols, but the fun of cruising is back and better than ever.

Are you curious what cruising is like now? Read about Daniel’s experience, and what you can expect on a cruise in 2022!

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Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel is the Ultimate Escape

The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is one of the finest resorts in the country. The hotel was built in 1887 as a lakeside retreat for wealthy Golden Age travelers. Almost 140 years later it has retained its ambiance of refinement and gentility. The setting for the 1980 film Somewhere in Time is romantic, elegant, and the ultimate escape from modern life.

Iconic, historical, and famously luxurious, the Grand Hotel is the type of place you must visit at least once. A 2-night stay at the Grand Hotel is the highlight of YMT’s Mackinac Island & Grand Hotel tour.

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YMT Memories: Guest Spotlight on Memorable Favorites

The world is full of amazing destinations, perhaps too many to comprehend. Deciding where to visit for your next getaway can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

We asked our guests what some of their best memories were on a YMT Vacation so you can use them as inspiration for your next trip.

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My Experience at Greece’s Ancient Sites

In 2019, my lifelong dream to see the ancient sites of Greece came true. I was raised hearing about the country’s magic, so arriving in Athens felt like a homecoming.

The people, the culture, the food, and the warm, salty Aegean Sea all felt like a natural fit. Most people spoke English, and the ones who didn’t had expressive hands like me, so communication was never a problem.

My husband and I wanted to make the most of our trip. What could we see here and nowhere else in the world? What most piqued our interest? What promised to move us? What seemed the most Greek?

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Traveler Spotlight: 25 Years Exploring the World

Romeo and Lunesa Fernandez have spent the last 25 years—half of their joyful marriage—seeing the world. One of their favorite ways to travel is on guided tours with YMT Vacations, which they have done six times since 2005. They appreciate the ease we provide—how well the tours are organized, and that everything is arranged by the time they arrive—and they plan on taking more trips, as many as possible, while they’re both still healthy. As Romeo says, “To us, traveling is the best form of education a person might have in his or her lifetime,” and these constant learners don’t plan on retiring from life at sea and the road anytime soon.

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8 Things Senior Travelers Should Know

Thelma Tiambeng-Bright is more than a tourist, she’s a traveler. At 73, this former teacher is still crisscrossing the globe in search of new experiences. Even though she has been widowed for 10 years, she has never let being single stop her from exploring what’s next. Here are her recommendations for seniors looking to pack their bags, fill their passports, and see what comes next in this great, big world:

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Ohana! How One Widow Found Solace in Travel

Thelma Tiambeng-Bright knew her husband Jay’s birthday was approaching but rather than mourn the loss of his passing, this widow of 10 years decided this year she would “celebrate with a bang.” So, she spent his birthday amid the pomp and circumstance of the Rose Parade.

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