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Hawaii Vacation Packages: Multi-Island Options

If you’re passionate about guided travel, then you’re sure to enjoy one of YMT’s Hawaii island hopping vacation packages. We have a variety of multi-island tours that are absolutely perfect for guests who want to see and feel what makes each island so distinct. Do you prefer the excitement and abundant entertainment of Oahu? The easygoing charm of the Big Island of Hawaii? The serenity of Kauai, the “Garden Isle”? Or Maui’s unique blend of historic appeal and breathtaking nature?

Whether this is your first or tenth visit to the islands, you are in for a major treat by joining us on a guided tour, the best way to see more of Hawaii.

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14 Common Hawaiian Words and Phrases You Should Know Before Visiting Hawaii

Getting ready for a trip to Hawaii and not sure what words and phrases you should know when communicating with locals? While Hawaii is an English-speaking state, it wasn’t made a state until 1959. Because of this, the native Hawaiian language still plays a strong role in today’s Hawaiian lifestyle.

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36 Facts About Hawaii

There are countless interesting facts about Hawaii. Because the islands are thousands of miles away from their nearest neighbor, the environment and culture developed and adapted in fascinating and unique ways. The intriguing stories and facts about Hawaii’s human and natural history could fill a book, but there are plenty of amusing facts about Hawaii, too.

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Paradise Found: Vacationing in Waikiki, Hawaii

Visiting Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach is like stepping onto a movie set. Bronzed surfers maneuver their longboards over rolling waves, as children race to build castles in the sand before rising tides carry them away.

Couples attempt the hula while beachgoers relax and soak in the invigorating Hawaiin sun. Waikiki Beach is indeed the iconic beach of your dreams and the ideal getaway that lives up to its reputation as a world-class destination

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10 Foods to Eat in Hawaii

You’ve finally made it to Hawaii. You have an umbrella drink in one hand, a paperback in the other, and your only shoes are several pairs of brightly colored flip flops. But before you get the idea that a Hawaiian escape is all about the pool deck, we invite you to head a bit further afield to discover local Hawaiian food and the real flavors of the islands.

Pull up a seat at the table and enjoy the best of the Aloha State with these 10 beloved foods to eat in Hawaii:

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Hawaiian Customs: 10 Dos and Don’ts for Visiting Hawaii


It’s 85 degrees, the sun is shining, and the ocean breeze carries just a hint of coconut-scented sunscreen. It’s true that there’s never a bad day in paradise, but that doesn’t mean a slip up in etiquette or a misstep in planning can’t cloud what would otherwise be the perfect trip.

However, with these 10 dos and don’ts, you’ll be well on your way to understanding the local culture, and ensuring the Hawaiian vacation of a lifetime.

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Christmas in Hawaii: Holiday Traditions in the Sun

Since ancient times, rituals and merrymaking help us warm the chill of the holiday season with our closest family and friends. But have you ever wondered how the holidays are celebrated in tropical climates? Most of us associate Christmas and Hanukkah with a roaring fire and a thick blanket of snow. In places like Hawaii, people find the Christmas spirit as easily on the beach as mainlanders do gathered around the hearth. Here are some of the unique traditions celebrated during the holidays in the Hawaiian Islands.

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What You Should Expect When Visiting Pearl Harbor

Don’t visit the Hawaiian island of Oahu without making a stop at Pearl Harbor. During a trip with YMT Vacation’s Best of Hawaii Four-Island Tour, you will be able to tour this National Memorial. While here, you can explore the history behind the base during World War II, when it was the victim of a surprise attack on December 7, 1941.

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Things To Do Near Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Waikiki has one of the most renowned beaches in the world. As the epicenter of tourism in Oahu, there were close to 6 million visitors last year. Waikiki offers the perfect blend of urban energy with a laid-back vibe.

Guided tours to the island typically include Waikiki beach as a “must-visit” location on their itineraries. There is plenty to do on beautiful Waikiki Beach: swimming, surfing, sunbathing, and dining. Even though the beach is amazing, there are still plenty of incredible things to do and see at Waikiki.

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Unique Aspects of Hawaiian Culture & Traditions

Visitors to Hawaii get to enjoy its immense natural beauty, tropical climate, and endless opportunities for beachside relaxation. But guests are also granted a first-hand look at the vibrant culture that’s shaped these distant islands into one of the world's most popular tourist destinations.

Since it is an American state, travelers may not feel that they need to prepare themselves for culture shock when visiting Hawaii, but there are significant differences in daily life and customs.

Get ready for a vacation to paradise by learning about these unique aspects of Hawaii’s distinct culture:

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