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The Best Way to Carry Money When Traveling Abroad

One of the most important practical matters to consider when it comes to international travel is currency. Do you need to carry cash, and if so, how much? Can and should you use your credit cards? What about withdrawing money from ATMs? Is it still necessary to bring traveler’s checks? What about conversion rates and fees? We have the answers, and have put together a handy guide of the best way to carry and spend your money while out of the United States.

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10 Foods You Can and Can’t Bring into the US

If you’ve tasted delicious snacks and beverages abroad, you may wonder if you can bring those food items on a plane on your international flight back home. US Customs and Border Protection, a department of Homeland Security, has an ever-changing list of prohibited and restricted items. Consult the US Customs food list before purchasing snacks overseas, and follow the rules on your immigration card about declaring foods as you go through customs. Failing to declare foods may result in a hefty fine. Here's a list of foods you can and can’t bring into the US:

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How to Pack for Winter Travels to Europe

Winter travels to Europe can be magical. Imagine the energy of Christmas markets, the beauty of light snow coating the top of historic homes, and plenty of space to explore famous sites without bumping into a ton of other tourists! With so much to look forward to from November through February, your packing list for Europe should contain items that will keep you warm and comfortable throughout your entire tour with YMT Vacations. Not sure where to get started? Here are some packing essentials for traveling to Europe during winter:

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Packing and Preparing Your Smartphone for Travel

An escorted tour is the perfect opportunity to wind down and immerse yourself in the culture of a new place. While some travelers may decide to completely discontinue use of their electronics, many others use their phones, tablets, and even laptops during vacation. Smartphones are especially handy because they are small enough to carry around, offer the ability to stay in touch with loved ones back home, have good quality cameras, and are often used as a source of entertainment. Here are some packing and preparing tips if you plan on using your smartphone during your travels:

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Passport Rules to Know For a Faster Renewal

When traveling abroad for work or pleasure, you will need a valid U.S. passport. According to, the processing time for routine service takes about 4-6 weeks by mail or in person. That timeline may increase, however, based on the number of applications. Ensure you get a new passport in time for your next trip by following these rules for fast passport renewals without delay:

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Do I Need a Converter or Adapter on My Vacation?

So you’ve booked your international vacation but you still have a few questions, like how you can keep your phone charged during your travels. “Do I need a travel adapter?” “Do I need a converter?” “What’s the difference between an adapter and a converter?” These are all important questions, and finding the answer you need can be a bit daunting. That’s why we’ve put together this simple guide to help you understand which adapters or voltage converters you will need to pack for your trip to Europe or anywhere outside of the United States. Read on to learn more!

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The Best Places to Travel With Your Mom

We have a lot to thank our mothers for. They’re the ones who carried us, who nurtured us, who showed us right from wrong, how to get over heartbreak, and the key to choosing the best watermelon (does it sound hollow when you tap it?). Our mothers are some of the most precious women in our lives, and Mother’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate them.

This year, why not rethink your Mother’s Day gift? Cooking classes and flowers are nice, but if you want to really treat your mom, don’t overlook the power of a well-planned experience. We have a list of options your mom is sure to love. These are the best places to travel with your mom—whether she wants to take a Bucket List European vacation, or to finally stand at the rim of the Grand Canyon, we have something for every style of traveler.

Not sure where to start? We can help you narrow down the kinds of trips your mom would like by determining her travel style. Here are eight of the most common styles we’ve seen, and the best affordable tours for each type!

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The Colorful Background of Murano Glass

Not far offshore from Venice is the island of Murano, Italy, home of some of history’s most famous and innovative glassmaking. Authentic Murano glass can be found in shops all over Venice. Murano glass is recognizable by its stunning quality, intricate craftsmanship, innovative designs, and unexpected bursts of color. Look for evidence of gold or silver, and for imperfect details. True Murano glass is hand-blown, so a few bubbles and asymmetry are just the proof to look out for!

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