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Best Places to Visit in Ireland

Lovingly called the "Emerald Isle," Ireland is known for its stunning scenery, friendly people, cultural music and fascinating history. It offers visitors plenty of things to do. Gorgeous landscapes featuring rolling greenery and rugged mountains, as well as breathtaking coastlines, are a huge part of what draws many people to Ireland, so a camera is essential. But it also offers a fantastic variety of unique attractions and cities with distinct cultural experiences that keep tourists entertained and intrigued.

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The Ultimate Ireland Travel Guide

Ireland might be a small country, but it has plenty to offer. From stunning landscapes to bustling cities, there is no shortage of things to do on the “Emerald Isle.” Friendly locals, age-old myths, and the pristine beauty of the country will easily charm any visitor.

We’ve put together this travel guide, complete with details on must-see sights in Ireland.

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Essentials for Your Ireland Packing List

Packing for vacations in Ireland can be tricky, even for frequent travelers. One would think a reasonable amount of sunshine and warmth would be the norm for trips between April and September, but that is not the case. In fact, temperatures rarely get higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the peak of summer! With so much uncertainty when it comes to the weather, you may be asking yourself, “Where do I even get started?”

Regardless of season, there are some standard items you should include in your luggage, and below is a packing list of must-haves for your upcoming Ireland vacation:

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Top 6 Bucket List Destinations

Your travel bucket list is an opportunity for you to write down all the must-see places you want to visit in this lifetime. It inspires you to decide what you really want, to rank the places you’ve dreamt of seeing for years, since childhood, perhaps, and plan accordingly. Here are some of the magnificent destinations that show up most frequently on our guests’ bucket lists:

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5 Great Guys' Trips


Family time, date nights, and your everyday responsible life is terrific, sure, but it’s sometimes very important to get away with the lads. Kick back, talk (or not) about your goals, your concerns, and whether LeBron could ever surpass MJ as basketball’s true Greatest of All Time, on these 5 perfect Guys Trips:

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May the 4th be wit ye

May 4 is known worldwide as Star Wars Day. And the reason? “May The Fourth be With You” sounds just like “May the Force Be With You,” and Star Wars fans love nothing better than a good pun.

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5 Tips for Visiting Giant’s Causeway

Like stepping stones leading to the sea, the hexagonal pillars of Giant’s Causeway are like nothing you’ve ever seen. A honeycomb of 40,000 columns poking up along the shore, these formations were created 60 million years ago by molten lava that crystallized into basalt pillars as it hit the frigid waters. If you plan to visit Ireland, this other-worldy attraction is a must. However, here are five tips you’ll need to keep in mind when traveling to Giant’s Causeway:

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The ‘Reel’ Ireland: Pubs and Traditional Irish Music

If Ireland had a sound, it would be a foot-tapping reel played fast and furiously over the raucous banter of a crowded pub. Often it starts slow and simple with just a guitar but before long fiddlers and accordion players, drummers and banjo strummers are quickening the pace. 

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Why Belfast Is Among 2017’s Top Destinations

When Travel + Leisure announced the 50 Best Places to Travel in 2017, Belfast, Northern Ireland was high on the list of the world’s favorite destinations for food, culture, and entertainment. With two Michelin-starred restaurants and a host of other innovative dining options, there’s a lot of flavors in this former “troubled” city. There are museums and historical attractions a plenty, a rich cultural heritage, and a number of new design-forward architectural treasures.

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Irish Customs: 12 Dos and Don’ts for Visiting Ireland

While an Irish lifestyle is typically very social and relaxed, an understanding of Irish social norms and expectations is always important when visiting a foreign country, especially for the first time. Here is a list of the dos and don’ts, and other useful tips when traveling to the Emerald Isle.

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