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Five Factors To Consider When Planning Retirement Travel

If you are recently retired and looking to book your celebratory trip, you have many advantages when it comes to finding the perfect vacation. Whether you worked a standard 9-to-5-desk job, had the ability to work remotely, or set your own hours, chances are you’ve never had the flexibility and freedom that you do at this very moment! When researching tours and packages that align with your interests, we’ve compiled five factors to consider for optimizing your retirement travels!

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Most Colorful Cities Around The World

From vibrant row houses to beachside villages, these brightly-colored cityscapes capture our imaginations with their rainbow of hues. Here are our picks for the most colorful cities in the world—just make sure to bring along your camera!

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10 Tips for First-Time Cruisers

You’ve been talking about it for years, now it’s your turn to experience all the fun of a cruise vacation—from the sun and the sea, to the shows and the food. But before you embark, here are some tips to help you make the most of your first voyage:

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Parlez vous Francais?: What Makes European Cruises Different

Just like you’d never expect a walk through Times Square to feel like a stroll in the Louvre, enjoying a European cruise isn’t the same as taking an American one. To prepare yourself for cruising with a European line, here are a few tips and observations:

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The Non-Traditional Father's Day Gift for the Traveling Dad

Dads know what to expect on Father’s Day—they’ve received the same gifts for years. Not that they’d complain, mind you, but they can only use so many ties and “World’s Best Dad” mugs. This year, why not surprise the dad in your life with a less traditional Father’s Day Gift?

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Top Girlfriend Getaways

Time with your family is a great way to spend a vacation, and a romantic getaway is certainly a must…but sometimes what you need most is one-on-one time with your BFFs. A Girls Weekend isn’t just fun, it’s essential to maintaining your friendships. From Old World villages to beachside retreats, museum hopping to holiday celebrations, we’ve got some incredible ways for you to reconnect and enjoy time with your girlfriends:

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Summer Packing List

A summer packing list helps ensure a smooth, hassle-free vacation, whether you’re planning a road trip to visit the grandkids or flying off to explore foreign lands. Stay organized while you travel with this handy summer packing list.

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The Couple That Travels Together...: Why Travel Improves Relationships and Sparks Romance

Have you ever noticed how couples who travel together have healthier, happier relationships? According to a survey by the U.S. Travel Association, when we travel with our significant other, we are “significantly more likely to be satisfied with the relationship, communicate better with our partner, enjoy more romance, spend quality time together and share common goals and desires.”

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Taking it Slow: Traveling to Orvieto

The small Italian town of Orvieto seems to have somehow escaped the temptation to give into progress. While other tourist destinations have a Starbucks on every corner and four-lane highways rush past ancient monuments, it’s still possible to close your eyes and imagine this place the way it was centuries ago. Visiting here is a welcome change of pace from the hustle and bustle, a chance to pause in the midst of your Italian travels.

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See The Royal Wedding Locale: How You Can Tour Windsor Castle

When Prince Harry weds the American-born actress Meghan Markle, it will be in the oldest and largest occupied palace in Europe. Nearly a millennium old, Windsor Castle is a country estate in England’s grassy hill country nearly an hour’s drive from London. While a favorite weekend retreat of Queen Elizabeth II, chock full of bucolic charm and English luxury, it is also ground zero for some of the country’s most notorious historical moments.

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