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The Best Way to Carry Money When Traveling Abroad

One of the most important practical matters to consider when it comes to international travel is currency. Do you need to carry cash, and if so, how much? Can and should you use your credit cards? What about withdrawing money from ATMs? Is it still necessary to bring traveler’s checks? What about conversion rates and fees? We have the answers, and have put together a handy guide of the best way to carry and spend your money while out of the United States.

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Hawaii Vacation Packages: Multi-Island Options

If you’re passionate about guided travel, then you’re sure to enjoy a Hawaii multi-island vacation with YMT. We have a variety of island-hopping tours that are absolutely perfect for guests who want to see and feel what makes each island so distinct. Do you prefer the excitement and abundant entertainment of Oahu? The easygoing charm of the Big Island of Hawaii? The serenity of Kauai, the “Garden Isle”? Or Maui’s unique blend of historic appeal and breathtaking nature?

Whether this is your first or tenth visit to the islands, you are in for a major treat by joining us on a guided tour, the best way to see more of Hawaii.

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¡Que Viva el Mariachi!: The Movement, The Meaning of Mexico’s Music

The booming sounds of mariachi music are uniquely and quintessentially Mexican. Played loud, fast, and with an abundance of powerful emotion, mariachi is an expression of the “joyful sorrow” that has long defined the spirit of Mexico. The legendary musical tradition is even part of the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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6 Tips for Packing Your Carry-On More Efficiently

Travelers are typically allowed to bring one personal item and one carry-on bag onboard at no cost whether flying domestic or international. If you decide to forgo checked luggage altogether to save on baggage fees, or just want to make the most of your carry-on, there are some great ways to get everything you need on the plane with you! While you should be prepared for some trial and error, here are six tips for how to pack efficiently when using a carry-on:

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The Best Places to Travel With Your Mom

We have a lot to thank our mothers for. They’re the ones who carried us, who nurtured us, who showed us right from wrong, how to get over heartbreak, and the key to choosing the best watermelon (does it sound hollow when you tap it?). Our mothers are some of the most precious women in our lives, and Mother’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate them.

This year, why not rethink your Mother’s Day gift? Cooking classes and flowers are nice, but if you want to really treat your mom, don’t overlook the power of a well-planned experience. We have a list of options your mom is sure to love. These are the best places to travel with your mom—whether she wants to take a Bucket List European vacation, or to finally stand at the rim of the Grand Canyon, we have something for every style of traveler.

Not sure where to start? We can help you narrow down the kinds of trips your mom would like by determining her travel style. Here are eight of the most common styles we’ve seen, and the best affordable tours for each type!

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Getting to Know Cuban Culture

For a small country, Cuba has a lot of soul. Cuba's location at the crossroads of the Caribbean and the United States made it a key trade hub for centuries, blending together Spanish, African, French, Amerindian Taino, and English walks of life to create a distinct culture. If you want to learn more about modern Cuban life, Cuban cuisine, local art, music and dance, the most popular sport in Cuba, politics and economics, the culture of Cuba, or just what makes an authentic cup of Cuban coffee so special, read on!

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Popular Film Locations In The World You Didn't Know You Could Visit

All movies are created to transport us into a different world for a few hours, but some films capture our imaginations so deeply we’re moved to grab our passports just for the chance to experience the story for ourselves. Here are a few films with spectacular real-life locations that you can visit on your travels:

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Five Factors To Consider When Planning Retirement Travel

If you are recently retired and looking to book your celebratory trip, you have many advantages when it comes to finding the perfect vacation. Whether you worked a standard 9-to-5-desk job, had the ability to work remotely, or set your own hours, chances are you’ve never had the flexibility and freedom that you do at this very moment! When researching tours and packages that align with your interests, we’ve compiled five factors to consider for optimizing your retirement travels!

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Most Colorful Cities Around The World

From vibrant row houses to beachside villages, these brightly-colored cityscapes capture our imaginations with their rainbow of hues. Here are our picks for the most colorful cities in the world—just make sure to bring along your camera!

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10 Tips for First-Time Cruisers

You’ve been talking about it for years, now it’s your turn to experience all the fun of a cruise vacation—from the sun and the sea, to the shows and the food. But before you embark, here are some tips to help you make the most of your first voyage:

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