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5 Must-Eat Foods around the World

Nothing allows you to embrace the open-minded spirit of travel—the willingness to risk and to experience something entirely new, unexpected, and potentially spectacular—like trying local foods. When you step off a long flight, do you seek out burgers and fries? Or do you embrace the culture and take a big bite of adventure?

Many of our tours allow YMT guests to delight in the delicious food offerings of new and exciting destinations. Here are some of the best dishes to try in the places that made them famous:

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Bucket List Destinations

Your travel bucket list is an opportunity for you to write down all the must-see places you want to visit in this lifetime. It inspires you to decide what you really want, to rank the places you’ve dreamt of seeing for years, since childhood, perhaps, and plan accordingly. Here are some of the magnificent destinations that show up most frequently on our guests’ bucket lists:

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