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10 Foods You Can and Can’t Bring into the US

If you’ve tasted delicious snacks and beverages abroad, you may wonder if you can bring them on your international flight back home. As always, that depends. US Customs and Border Protection, a department of Homeland Security, has an ever-changing list of US customs food restrictions.

Consult the US Customs food list before purchasing food or beverage items overseas to bring home, and follow the rules on your immigration card about declaring foods as you go through customs. Failing to declare foods may result in a hefty fine. Here's a list of foods you can and can’t bring into the US.

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How to Support Locals When Traveling

One of the greatest gifts of travel is that it allows us to connect with people. Strangers from around the world become friends. Experiences we never imagined become cherished memories. We are exposed to different ways of life, expanding our minds and wandering exuberantly outside our comfort zones.

Supporting locals is a big part of authentic travel. That can mean choosing a hole in the wall restaurant instead of your favorite chain, shopping at small stores, or educating yourself on a region’s cultures and traditions before you arrive. 

Supporting locals is as positive for you as it is the people you’re visiting. It’s an important part of travel and helps you to connect with the region you're visiting.

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Essential Spanish Phrases for Traveling in Spain

Many people in Spain speak English, but that doesn’t mean visitors couldn’t benefit from speaking a little Español themselves. Learning Spanish, and practicing it on your vacation, is a great way to stretch your mind and build special memories. Not to mention, these basic Spanish words and Spanish travel phrases are great to know in case you need help from someone who doesn’t speak English.

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8 Tips for Senior Travelers

You can have as much fun traveling as a senior as you did when you were young. The joy of experiencing different scenery and cultures doesn’t dull as you age. If anything, the older you get the more you can enjoy travelling. You’ve lived more, learned more, and might finally have the time and patience to really treasure journeys away from home. Historical sites, welcoming locals, and glorious natural beauty are somehow easier to appreciate than when you were younger. Travel is magical, no matter your age.

There are also considerations to take into account for mature travelers. You need to be aware of what to expect, honest about your needs, and diligent about how you manage medications and other essential items.

We’ve been leading mature travelers on guided tours for decades, and here are 8 of our top senior travel tips.

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How to Prep for Your Flight If You’re Worried About Running Late

Before your vacation can begin, you must first catch your flight. While that sounds simple, making it to the airport on time and navigating the terminal is easier said than done. You may have several questions: Can I check in for my flight online? How late can I check in for my flight? What happens if I miss my flight?

You must check in for domestic flights 60 minutes before boarding time. For international flights, you must check in 90 minutes beforehand. To avoid running late for your flight, take the following precautions to keep your travel plans as seamless as possible.

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Tips on Exchange Rates & International Currency

Travel savings of any kind are always worth getting excited over, so we’re here with an easy-to-understand introduction to the dos and don’ts of international currency to save you time, money, and stress.

From where to exchange currency to using a credit card overseas, our five tips will help you feel confident traveling with cards and cash long before you arrive in your destination.

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10 Travel Myths Debunked

Planning a vacation is many people’s favorite part of travel. Unfortunately, it can oftentimes be met with long-standing travel myths that can dim the excitement of an upcoming adventure. Instead of building anticipation, these misconceptions can add unnecessary stress that can get in the way of preparing for a great vacation. We are here to debunk 10 common travel myths so you can confidently plan the next trip of your dreams.

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The Best 7 Travel Accessories for Seniors

In the past, travelers needed nothing more than a paper map, a good book and a tube of sunscreen to enjoy their vacation. Today, however, user-friendly travel gadgets and low-key essentials can make travels to international and domestic destinations more gratifying, immersive and fun. Yet with the abundance of helpful accessories these days, it’s hard to know what to pack. To help your next trip be your best one yet, we’ve gathered a list of some of the best travel accessories for seniors.

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6 Things You Shouldn’t Hide from Your Cruise and Tour Provider

You’ve done the research and chosen an incredible trip. There’s nothing left to do now other than wait and enjoy the fruits of your labor, right? Well, almost. There are a few factors to take care of before your vacation to help ensure a successful trip.

You’ll need to disclose a few details that may feel relatively small or insignificant, but they could have a major impact on your cruise. Communication with your cruise line or tour provider is key to your trip’s success, so be sure to share these six key things in advance.

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How to Renew an Expired Passport

Whether you are traveling internationally for work or pleasure, a valid U.S. passport book is required. According to, the by mail or in-person processing time for routine passport services can be around 8–11 weeks, but may take longer. This typical renewal timeline may be affected by COVID-19 and the number of applications in their queue, so it is recommended to give yourself extra time.

It’s always best to be aware of when your passport expires, especially if you have upcoming travel plans. Some destinations require your passport to be valid for at least six months to be allowed to enter the country. And while passport cards are valid for land and sea border crossings from the U.S. to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda, they cannot be used for international air travel.

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