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The Best Winter Vacation of 2017

As the days grow shorter and the mercury dips, it’s easy to get discouraged. But before you succumb to the months of snow chains and parkas, consider this: blue skies and warmer weather are as quick as a plane ride away! To help bust the winter blues and seasonal doldrums, US News has just released the rankings of this year’s Best Winter Vacations. Topping the list of what’s hot is one of our personal favorites, Costa Rica!

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All You Need to Know About Mazatlán

Mazatlán is making a comeback. Luring visitors with postcard-worthy beaches and charming sidewalk cafes, the “Pearl of the Pacific” is once again in high demand. Thanks to the revitalization of the Centro Historico and a new host of museums and theaters, there’s more to see and do in one of Mexico’s best-loved destinations. Here are some top tips and things to do on your next visit to Mazatlán:

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A Taste of the Big Easy: Tujague’s: A NOLA tradition

In 1852 Guillaume and Marie Abadie Tujague set sail for America from Bordeaux, France. Like many immigrants, they set their dreams on the promise of success they saw in the New World. The butcher and his wife plied their trade in the French Market of New Orleans for three years before deciding to do what their people did best: cook.

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River Cruising : Still One of the Biggest Travel Trends to Watch

As 2017 wraps up and we turn our attention to 2018, some travel trends continue to soar in popularity. The vacation that US News called one of the “Biggest Travel Trends to Watch in 2017,” is once again on our radar for the new year. River cruising continues to grow in popularity thanks to its cultural immersion, slow-paced agendas and access to hard-to-reach ports of call -- making it this year’s choice for travelers of all ages. Here’s why a river cruise should be part of your travel plans for this upcoming year:

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Eat For Less: 7 Tips to Save on Vacation

The kids are grown and you’ve just retired from work. Now you’re ready to travel the world, but with so many places to go and things to see, you’ll need to make sure that you don’t break the bank or affect your fixed income. Here are a few ideas for how to plan a money-friendly trip, particularly how you can eat on a budget while traveling:

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Getting Your ZZZZ’s at 30,000 Feet

Getting some shut eye on an overnight flight can seem next to impossible, but a few winks can make all the difference when you land and need to hit the ground running. Here are some simple tips and on-board essentials that will make it easy to nod off. Here’s what you can do to get some sleep on your next flight:

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The Gas Station Sandwich: Proof That Paris Truly is a Culinary Juggernaut

Have you ever had a meal so perfect you thought to yourself, “if this was the only thing I did on vacation, it would have been worth the trip?” Flavors so unforgettable you will forever judge every other plate by this standard? Imagine my surprise when I found my own culinary opus in a Parisian gas station.

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The Ballad of the Buicks: Why So Many American Classic Cars are in Cuba

Chevy Bel Airs and Ford Thunderbirds still rumble down the Malecón in Havana, Cuba; 1950s American classics with polished chrome bumpers and candy-apple red paint jobs. Like something from an old movie set, the relics motor along the city streets and seaside boulevards and, for a cost, you can take a ride or pose for a photo with a piece of automotive history. But just where did all these Studebakers and Nash Ramblers come from? Why are there so many? And what do they have to say about the Cuban Revolution?

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Driving the Hana Highway: Hawaii’s Most Spectacular Drive

With the windows rolled down and the breeze rushing through your hair, it’s easy to see why the Road to Hana is one of the world’s most magical drives. Dotted with lush tropical forests and dramatic waterfalls, it bends and curves through the remote countryside rewarding you with spectacular views of the sparkling blue Pacific and its dramatic black-sand beaches. This is proof that the joy is truly in the journey.

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Journey to Land’s End: Cabo San Lucas’ El Arco

There’s a lot to see in this world -- from the Grand Canyon to the Eiffel Tower, the Sistine Chapel to the lights of Las Vegas -- but something you may have overlooked when making your bucket list is a chunk of rock known as El Arco. Perched at the tip of the 1,000-mile long Baja Peninsula, The Arch of Mexico is a massive tunnel carved from a 200-foot rock face that slides into the sea. What makes it worth the trip is the pounding force with which the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez at Land’s End, their union so strong it has literally carved through granite.

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