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Alaska’s Iditarod: Experiencing The Last Great Race

It appeared the small town of Nome, Alaska was doomed. Isolated by bad weather and miles of frozen tundra, the diphtheria outbreak of 1925 would surely mean certain death for the men, women, and children trapped in this remote corner of Alaska. Racing against time, teams of heroic sled dogs tore across 700 miles of harsh, unforgiving terrain to deliver the medicine that would stem the outbreak and save the town.

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How To Avoid Crowds at National Parks

If you’ve been watching the news, you know the centennial for our National Parks Service created a rush of visitors to the country’s favorite outdoor treasures. The good news is that a new generation of Americans got to experience these amazing landmarks; the bad news is that many were turned away at the gate. To avoid the rush of visitors to the most popular National Parks this summer, here are some tips to consider before you travel:

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Top 5 Things to Do in Music City: Traveling to Nashville

The musical story of Nashville began in the late 1700s when early settlers buck-danced along the shores of the Cumberland River. By the 1800s, this frontier was scored by the fiddle playing of Davy Crockett and the local Fisk Jubilee Singers embarked on the first around-the-world tour. The group caught the attention of the Queen of England who famously claimed the talented singers must come from the “Music City.”

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The Best Time to Visit Alaska

While summer means swimsuits and sunscreen for many travelers, a growing number are heading north to America’s last frontier. With long days of endless sun, Alaska is full of excitement throughout the summer months but when exactly is the best time to visit? To answer this question, we have to look at three things: daylight, rain, and temperature. We’ll also consider the added bonus of summer travel tours!

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Christmas in Hawaii: Holiday Traditions in the Sun

As the temperatures drop and the days grow shorter, we long for the return of the sun. Since ancient times, rituals and merrymaking help us replace the chill of the season with the warmth of family and friends. But have you ever wondered how the holidays are celebrated in tropical climates? While most of us associate Christmas and Hanukkah with a roaring fire and a white blanket of snow, in places like Hawaii, folks manage to find the Christmas spirit as easily on the beach as we do gathered around the hearth. Here are some of the winter traditions celebrated in the Hawaiian Islands:

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5 Tips for Visiting Giant’s Causeway

Like stepping stones leading to the sea, the hexagonal pillars of Giant’s Causeway are like nothing you’ve ever seen. A honeycomb of 40,000 columns poking up along the shore, these formations were created 60 million years ago by molten lava that crystallized into basalt pillars as it hit the frigid waters. If you plan to visit Ireland, this other-worldy attraction is a must. However, here are five tips you’ll need to keep in mind when traveling to Giant’s Causeway:

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Rail Travel is Trending

The nostalgia of rail travel is giving way to the rebirth of train-based tourism. From Europe to Alaska, the romance of riding the rails is attracting a whole new crop of train enthusiasts, and movies like Murder on the Orient Express are reigniting the allure. In fact, vintage train travel is one of the travel trends to watch in the upcoming year. Here are three unforgettable train excursions you can enjoy on a YMT Vacations package tour:

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A Journey to Stonehenge

Erecting a column of more than 25 tons is no easy task, especially when the only tools at your disposal are made of stone, wood, and bone. Such was the inconceivable task facing the prehistoric builders of Stonehenge. The labor involved in quarrying, transporting, and erecting the massive columns points to a vast amount of resources and huge numbers of people. The fact that the entire operation took place over a millennium is evidence of the people’s intense commitment to the task.

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Welcome to Graceland: Inside the Expansion of Elvis’ famous home

It was 40 years ago when the music died at Graceland. The home that Elvis Presley bought in 1957 so that he and his mamma and dad could “stretch out in,” would never be the same. Following a $137 million expansion project this year, the famous home is welcoming visitors once again. In addition, the campus features two museums, a performance sound stage, and multiple shops and restaurants -- all honoring the life and legacy of Memphis’ famous son. Here’s what to see and do at Graceland:

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2018 Travel Trend: The Move Away From Fine Dining

The top travel trends for 2018 are out and they are good news for thrifty, budget-conscious travelers and those on fixed incomes. According to the list created by, one of the things we can expect in 2018 is a move away from lavish escapes in favor of more authentic experiences found off-the-beaten-path. One of the main trends we can expect to see is a rise in grassroots, local dining where refinement is measured by the quality of the experience -- not the thread count of the linens or the number of stars the restaurant holds.

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