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Top Girlfriend Getaways

Time with your family is a great way to spend a vacation, and a romantic getaway is certainly a must…but sometimes what you need most is one-on-one time with your BFFs. A Girls Weekend isn’t just fun, it’s essential to maintaining your friendships. From Old World villages to beachside retreats, museum hopping to holiday celebrations, we’ve got some incredible ways for you to reconnect and enjoy time with your girlfriends:

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The Story of Sisi: Austrian Monarch and World Traveler

Empress Elisabeth of Austria was more than just a royal, she was a world traveler, a gifted poet, a keen athlete, and a true individual. Restless with her dull married life at court, she would often holiday for long stretches in Corfu, Madeira and Venice. When things grew distant with her husband, Franz Joseph, she would escape to exotic destinations like Morocco, Algeria, Malta, Egypt and Turkey. Soon her adventures grew to be more than a mere distraction from the realities of life in Sisi’s, as she was called, gilded cage; they became a source of joy and the foundation of her legend.

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The World’s Best-Loved Passion Play: Oberammergau's Legacy

In 1634 a group of bedraggled citizens gathered in a cemetery next to the town church. They were tired and weary, and by the looks on their faces they’d been through a lot. Crowded around the tombstones were about 70 people, all that was left of the town. There, on the same plot of earth were several of their friends and family had recently been laid to rest, they would perform a play -- the Passion of the Christ.

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