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5 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick When Flying

You’ve been looking forward to your vacation, and getting sick on the flight is the last thing you want to happen. Unfortunately, you can’t predict whether you’ll be surrounded by other passengers who are fighting a cold or flu, so it’s best to take some precautions to avoid getting sick. Here are 5 ways on how to avoid getting sick so you can enjoy your tour:

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Packing and Preparing Your Smartphone for Travel

An escorted tour is the perfect opportunity to wind down and immerse yourself in the culture of a new place. While some travelers may decide to completely discontinue use of their electronics, many others use their phones, tablets, and even laptops during vacation. Smartphones are especially handy because they are small enough to carry around, offer the ability to stay in touch with loved ones back home, have good quality cameras, and are often used as a source of entertainment. Here are some packing and preparing tips if you plan on using your smartphone during your travels:

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10 Mementos You Can Collect From Any Place You Travel

If you love to travel, there’s nothing more exciting than exploring a new place for the first time. Collecting souvenirs from each country is a great way to remember the unique experiences you had – from tasting new dishes to interacting with local artists. Here are 10 travel mementos to collect from any destination that will allow you to recall fond memories for years to come:

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10 Ways to Travel In Comfort During Long Flights

There are more and more long-haul flight paths these days as airlines expand their coverage areas. On the plus side, this means travelers can get to their destinations quicker and with less hassle, but sitting on a plane for an extended period of time can definitely be a challenge. There are ways to travel in comfort during long flights that will allow you to enjoy the journey to your final destination. Follow these 10 tips below to deplane relaxed and ready to enjoy your vacation:

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7 Ways to Avoid Paying for Airline Baggage Fees

Finding affordable airfare these days can be a challenge, especially with many airlines charging additional fees for checked baggage. These fees can range from anywhere between $25 to $50 and are enough to leave the most excited travelers feeling blue since that money could go toward meals, excursions, and souvenirs while on vacation. If you are interested in keeping your travel costs down, here are seven ways to avoid paying these for airline baggage fees:

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The History of Hearst Castle

Hollywood royalty and the political elite of the 1920s and 1930s would arrive at Hearst Castle via the estate’s airstrip, or aboard the private Hearst-owned railcar that regularly made the journey from Los Angeles to the sprawling oceanside estate in San Simeon, California. From Clark Gable to Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill to Charlie Chaplin, the politicians, movie stars, titans of industry, and other privileged guests of William Randolph Hearst were in awe of the jaw-dropping grandeur of the 90,000-square foot estate informally called “the ranch.”

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10 Items You Should Never Pack in Your Checked Luggage

When packing your luggage for vacation, you’ll want to include appropriate attire and items that will make your travels comfortable. Packing the wrong things in your checked bag has the potential to turn a relaxing trip into a stressful experience. Once your suitcases are checked at the airport, you have minimal control over situations where it may get lost, broken, or roughed up by baggage handlers. However, you can prepare for these scenarios by making sure you never pack these 10 items into your checked luggage:

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What to Pack For Alaska

Alaskan vacation packages are a great way to explore all that our 49th state has to offer. Many guided options even allow you to take a combined land and cruise tour so you can get the full tourist experience. When participating in Alaskan tours, you will need to prepare for all types of weather because it is common to have sunny skies, rain, and wind all within the course of one day, regardless of the season. Your packing list for an Alaskan cruise will require layers so you can put them on or take them off to match the changing weather. Here is a list of items to pack for your Alaskan tour:

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What to Do if You Get Sick on Vacation

Getting sick while abroad is unpleasant and can be very frightening. After all, you are way from the comforts of home, unfamiliar with the local health-care system, and may face a communication barrier if English is not widely spoken. However, there are things you can do before leaving home, and while abroad to ease the stress if you get sick on vacation.

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The Colorful Background of Murano Glass

Not far offshore from Venice is the island of Murano, Italy, home of some of history’s most famous and innovative glassmaking. Authentic Murano glass can be found in shops all over Venice. Murano glass is recognizable by its stunning quality, intricate craftsmanship, innovative designs, and unexpected bursts of color. Look for evidence of gold or silver, and for imperfect details. True Murano glass is hand-blown, so a few bubbles and asymmetry are just the proof to look out for!

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