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How To Do Laundry While On Vacation

One of the biggest concerns our guests have before they embark on a YMT vacation is how they are going to do laundry while on their trip. Do hotels have laundry service? Is there laundry service on cruise ships? Will there be time to clean their clothes? Will there be facilities? What will it cost?

Based on these common questions, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to wash clothes when traveling. Our suggestions vary by type of trip, cost, effectiveness, and convenience.

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12 Must-See Thailand Temples

Thailand’s temples, or wats, are among its most popular tourist attractions. There are over 30,000 Buddhist and Hindu wats found across this Southeast Asian country. They are sacred places that many people visit every day to pray, meditate, and seek counsel from monks.

Thailand’s wats are colorful, ornately decorated complexes that are as beautiful as they are sacred. With multi-layered roofs, bell-shaped stupa towers, holy relics, and elaborate ornamentation, they are some of the most impressive religious structures in the world.

With so many options, how do you choose which Thailand temples to visit? Easy. You start with this list.

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Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel is the Ultimate Escape

The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is one of the finest resorts in the country. The hotel was built in 1887 as a lakeside retreat for wealthy Golden Age travelers. Almost 140 years later it has retained its ambiance of refinement and gentility. The setting for the 1980 film Somewhere in Time is romantic, elegant, and the ultimate escape from modern life.

Iconic, historical, and famously luxurious, the Grand Hotel is the type of place you must visit at least once. A 2-night stay at the Grand Hotel is the highlight of YMT’s Mackinac Island & Grand Hotel tour.

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Top 10 Things to Eat at Vancouver’s Granville Island Market

Vancouver, British Columbia is consistently ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world. With an eclectic array of neighborhoods blessed with abundant outdoor activities and magnificent waterfront views, there’s a lot to love here -- not the least of which is Vancouver’s exciting culinary scene. One of our favorite foodie destinations is Granville Island Market, a bustling public market in a gentrified former industrial area right along the waterfront.

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Guide to TSA Precheck

TSA PreCheck streamlines the airport security process, providing you a dedicated line at airport security (that typically moves faster), making it a more convenient experience.

If you’ve been considering filling out a TSA PreCheck application, below is your guide to everything you need to know about the program and process.

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Most Romantic Cities in the U.S.

There are many romantic cities in the United States. From the west coast to the east coast, from the south to the north, from tropical islands to desert vistas. There is a huge variety of stunning destinations, each with their own flavor of love and romance.

10 Most Romantic Cities in The U.S.

Here is our guide to the 10 most romantic cities in the US. From laid back to bustling, these cities each offer something special for visitors looking forward to a romantic escape.

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How the Panama Canal was Built

The Panama Canal is one of the world’s most important and impressive engineering marvels. Once considered an impossible dream, this on-land shortcut across 50 miles of Central American jungle connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

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Ultimate Guide to German Christmas Markets

There’s no better time to experience Germany than during the Christmas season when Deutschland sparkles with lights and merriment. Christmas markets are the epicenter of gemütlichkeit, or winter cheer. Each November and December, these festive celebrations dominate the town squares of nearly every city and hamlet.

Decorated market stalls spill over with handmade goods, seasonal food, and drink. There is an endless supply of ornaments, wooden toys, and weihnachtspyramiden, traditional candle-powered merry-go-rounds.

From the enormous Christmas tree in Munich to the Erzgebirge pyramid in Erfurt, German Christmas markets are the perfect places to get into the holiday spirit. The best way to learn about Germany’s brightly festive season is to follow YMT’s German Christmas market guide.

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Tips To Determine How Much To Pack For Your Trip

What to pack for vacation varies based on multiple factors. For instance, items you pack for your summer vacation in July will differ for a winter getaway in December.

Deciding how much to pack for a trip comes down to your destination, the length of your trip, the weather, and the types of excursions you'll be taking.

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How to Spend One Day in San Francisco

There is plenty to see if you only have one day in San Francisco. It’s the beautiful, vibrant, sophisticated jewel of the California coast. Stellar views of the ocean, famous art and architecture, and an intriguing culture lure millions of tourists to the city every year. Read our expert advice for the best way to spend24 hours in San Francisco.

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