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8 Things You Should Never Pack for Vacation

Chances are, you’ve gone on vacations in the past and asked yourself, “Why did I pack that? What was I thinking?” These questions are not uncommon when it comes to what to pack for vacation. While location, weather, and accommodations may dictate what goes into your suitcase, consider your own convenience as well – especially if your tour includes multiple locations. Here is a guide of 8 things you should never pack for vacation:

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Traveler Spotlight: 25 Years Exploring the World

Romeo and Lunesa Fernandez have spent the last 25 years—half of their joyful marriage—seeing the world. One of their favorite ways to travel is on guided tours with YMT Vacations, which they have done six times since 2005. They appreciate the ease we provide—how well the tours are organized, and that everything is arranged by the time they arrive—and they plan on taking more trips, as many as possible, while they’re both still healthy. As Romeo says, “To us, traveling is the best form of education a person might have in his or her lifetime,” and these constant learners don’t plan on retiring from life at sea and the road anytime soon.

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All Aboard the Coast Starlight Train!

Feed your wanderlust and yearning for the elegance of travel from a more genteel era on a leisurely train trip up the breathtaking West Coast! You can enjoy comfortable accommodations, superb dining, and gracious service all while watching some of America’s most beautiful scenery slowly pass you by on the Coast Starlight.

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10 Foods You Can and Can’t Bring into the US

If you’ve tasted delicious snacks and beverages abroad, you may wonder if you can bring those food items on a plane on your international flight back home. US Customs and Border Protection, a department of Homeland Security, has an ever-changing list of prohibited and restricted items. Consult the US Customs food list before purchasing snacks overseas, and follow the rules on your immigration card about declaring foods as you go through customs. Failing to declare foods may result in a hefty fine. Here's a list of foods you can and can’t bring into the US:

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Unique Aspects of Hawaiian Culture

Visitors to Hawai'i get to enjoy its immense natural beauty, tropical climate, and endless opportunities for beachside relaxation. But guests are also granted a first-hand look at the vibrant culture that’s shaped these distant islands into one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. Since it is an American state, travelers may not feel that they need to prepare themselves for culture shock when visiting Hawaiʻi, but there are significant differences in daily life and customs. Get ready for a vacation to paradise by learning about these unique aspects of Hawaiʻi’s distinct culture:

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10 Ways to Make the Most of a Long Layover or Delayed Flight

Spending hours in an airport before your next flight is unavoidable if a layover is part of your itinerary, or your flight has been delayed. Instead of dreading these hours, there are many ways to make the most out of them. In fact, if you are on a YMT Tour in Asia, you may stop at one of the best airports in the world. Planning ahead goes a long way in looking at the experience in a positive light. Here is a list of 10 ways to make the most of a long layover or delayed flight.

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NASA Johnson Space Center: Houston’s Out of this World Destination


Houston, Texas, is home to two of planet earth’s finest treasures: authentic Texas barbecue, and NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

Space Center Houston is the visitor’s center of Johnson Space Center. Space Center Houston is open to visitors year-round, as are select areas within Johnson Space Center. Together, they are Houston’s most popular sightseeing destination.

Johnson Space Center is a massive 100 building complex covering 1,620 acres in the Clear Lake area of Houston. It was built during President John F. Kennedy’s administration, when getting to the moon was a matter of considerable national importance.

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How to Pack for Winter Travels to Europe

Winter travels to Europe can be magical. Imagine the energy of Christmas markets, the beauty of light snow coating the top of historic homes, and plenty of space to explore famous sites without bumping into a ton of other tourists! With so much to look forward to from November through February, your packing list for Europe should contain items that will keep you warm and comfortable throughout your entire tour with YMT Vacations. Not sure where to get started? Here are some packing essentials for traveling to Europe during winter:

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Tee Up: 10 Tips for Golfing in Maui

With postcard worthy views and year-round warm weather, the Hawaiian island of Maui is the perfect escape — especially for golfers. Here are the top things every golfer should know when playing in Maui:

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5 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick When Flying

You’ve been looking forward to your vacation, and getting sick on the flight is the last thing you want to happen. Unfortunately, you can’t predict whether you’ll be surrounded by other passengers who are fighting a cold or flu, so it’s best to take some precautions to avoid getting sick. Here are 5 ways on how to avoid getting sick so you can enjoy your tour:

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