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Tips for Staying Cyber-Safe While Traveling

Before you embark on your transatlantic cruise or jet off on your international vacation, you need to make sure you’ve protected your devices. Don’t let unauthorized users hack your cell phone or laptop while you’re out of town. Strong cyber security helps keep your devices safe from unwanted cyber-attacks.

With solid cyber security, you can even protect your information if the worst were to happen and you lost your device – or it got stolen. Just as you would secure a lock on your suitcase to protect its valuable contents, you want to do the same with your devices before traveling. To keep your personal information and property safe, follow our easy tips for cyber security while traveling.

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The White Dove of the Desert: Mission San Xavier del Bac

On the stunning façade above the ornate door of Mission San Xavier del Bac, a stone-carved cat, its sharpest details rounded down by years of wind and desert rain, crouches, ready to attack the mouse on the other side of the grand entryway. Legend says that when the cat finally eats, the world will end.

Nicknamed the “White Dove of the Desert” and listed as a National Historic Landmark, the mission is still an active church. It has been abandoned, survived an earthquake, and most impressively withstood both the ravages of the time and the encroachment of the modern world. It stands as a striking beacon in the Sonoran Desert, at what the Spaniards who built it considered the very edge of the known world.

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Benefits of Taking More Vacations

There are a million reasons why a vacation is important. Stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing the world is good for the soul, but did you know it’s good for your health, too? That’s right, the next time you ponder your dream vacation, you might want to think about how taking that vacation can actually improve your physical and mental health.

To make sure you get the full benefits of taking a vacation, don’t be afraid to book an extended trip. The longer the getaway, the better. Some time away is just what the doctor ordered.

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Vietnamese Customs: Dos and Don'ts for Visiting Vietnam

Vietnam is fast becoming one of the most appealing destinations in all of Southeast Asia. It’s blessed with a huge variety of stunning natural beauty, as well as incredible cultural accomplishments. You’ll see an expansive coastline, pleasant beaches, countless rivers, thick forests, stunning Buddhist pagodas, and bustling cities. It is also home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and a varied and delicious culinary scene.

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How to Capture Travel Photos in Tourist Areas

Everyone wants to capture the perfect photograph while traveling. To make sure your photo does the beautiful view justice, you only need to follow a few simple travel photography tips. Professional experience and expensive equipment aren’t required to capture beautiful memories of your vacation.

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Travel Visas: Who Needs One and How To Get It

International vacation planning can be a lot of fun: picking out where to go, what to do, and when to eat. But overseas travel also involves a lot of documentation. You’ll need passports, boarding passes, local currency, and, depending on your destination, you may need a travel visa. Travel visas can seem pretty intimidating, and the rules for getting visas vary a lot by country. With a little bit of knowledge and realistic expectations, visas don’t have to be scary at all.

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How to Pack for Your Fall Trip to New England

A trip to New England in September or October is a magical experience as trees in the region transform into a dazzling mosaic of colors. There is plenty to see and do on a tour of New England during fall, with many activities focused on the harvest and foliage.

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Why Churros in Lisbon are the Best

Churros are draped in as much mystery as cinnamon sugar, starting with how, where, and when they were created. One of the prevailing theories is that they were first cooked up in Asia. They made their way to Lisbon when Portuguese sailors out for dinner at a port in Northern China were served a savory, crispy, fried pastry called “You Tiao” that they couldn’t resist bringing back to Europe. Once home, Portuguese cooks put their own twist on the treat—switching it from salty to sweet—and then watched it flourish, evolve, and eventually blossom into the modern-day delight that we now call churro.

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How to Fly with Severe Allergies

Flying can be stressful. You have to worry about security, cramped seats, long layovers, and delays. When you have allergies, the thought of flying with allergy congestion can seem even more intimidating.

Instead of worrying, follow a few easy steps to ensure both you and your airline are prepared. You just need to plan ahead, then you can relax and enjoy your vacation.

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The Ultimate Ireland Travel Guide

Ireland might be a small country, but it has plenty to offer. From stunning landscapes to bustling cities, there is no shortage of things to do on the “Emerald Isle.” Friendly locals, age-old myths, and the pristine beauty of the country will easily charm any visitor.

We’ve put together this travel guide, complete with details on must-see sights in Ireland.

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